by Strange Pools

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Instrumental track, no lyrics.
Funkby 06:04
Lights light up, light up on my marquis Rat tat tattle at tat, rat tat tattle at tat Chasing me, chasing me, chasing me, chasing me Oh don't you know Brick by brick I'm building up this building But it's gonna topple, gonna topple, gonna topple down gonna fall The sun don't stop, the sun don't stop explaining itself The sun don't stop exploding into outer space Into outer space, into outer space, into outer space Green grow the rushes, in the bushes and in the trees Growing through the house and they're growing through the stomach And they'll grow to be a beggar but it seems you don't know The seeds are gonna save, gonna save, gonna save The final landing place Oh I am going to outer space Come with me to a higher place
Leave Your Divinities oh whisper to me leave your tender scenes behind leave your magnanimities leave your divinities leave your serenity then believe in me, believe in me, believe in me swing low sweet chariot low enough to pick me up and take me to the stone steps crying stone brick black with the blood from the lock step moon the water loves a riffling hill it loves a riffling rill and it falls down deep, deep, deep water falling all this time drop, drip, drips that are dropping into the lake, my water's popping, oh i'm born again oh accidents of reason never implore the meaning of it all a tear in the floor a timely stay, a deed underground they're growing again, they're growing up to this sound, sound, sound, sound, sounds all around sounds all around you sounds all surround you the sounds start to drown you the diamonds are... all in your ring like a raisin in the sun, i'm shriveling, shriveling like a rabbit on the run, i'm racing you, racing you like a cloud that's done, but never stops falling, never stops falling
Fussin and Fightin and Foolin Round We're fussin, we're fightin, oh, we're fooling round We're fussin, we're fightin. We're fussin, we're fightin, oh, we're fooling round We're fussin, we're fightin. We're dreaming, we're playing, Delaying the inevitable We're biding our time now Until something better comes along. We're hunting, we're gathering We're picking up the pieces That we know that are out there Gonna find out By drawing something bigger than ourselves Time, motion. Science, origins. We're dying to tell you. We're dying to know you. Fussin'!
Los Otros No Me Entienden (The Others Don't Understand Me) It's going nowhere It's going nowhere And I am nothing And she is sighing And her hand's falling And grace is so easy So is erasing time Signs of the ancient rules To thine own self thy will be brand new And she is crying And the lines are drawn And she is sighing And she's putting her plan to paper again And nobody sees and nobody knows And nobody wants to see what will grow And nobody has what it can take To bring her right back From her biggest mistake Oh Los otros no me entienden Los otros no me entienden Los otros no me entienden
So Long It's Been Fun But Now We've Got To Run Put on your face, put on your face and show the world Set up your dangerous plans for us and show the world Refrain: So long it's been fun but now we've got to run So long it's been fun but now we've got to run Bring up your children, bring them up well Tell them when to say hello and when to get the hell out of situations Tell them be nice and always say please Tell them when to ask for diamonds And when to say cheese Refrain Deep in your heart you know it everyday Your saying all those things when you haven't got a way Citizens of this island make all the difference Maybe the President will call you one day Refrain Break up the scene. Refrain Put a circle in a square but don't go there Sing nothing twice and take your own advice Refrain


Recorded at a party where 7 of us set up in a Gazebo.


released January 1, 2010


all rights reserved



Strange Pools Croton On Hudson

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